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A 17-year-old boy, an encounter with APPLE

Jul 01,2022 | Grid Studio

Let's hear from today's customer. This is his story on how a simple iPod touch changed their life at the tender age of 10! He happened to stumble upon Grid Studios through a YouTube Channel and He said he doesn't regret it one bit! From his own description, we can feel the changes that the apple has brought to his life.

Seven years ago, at the tender age of ten, I got my hands on my very first Apple product. It was an iPod touch. Even though it was a used device, my joy upon receiving it was indescribable. There was something incredible about being able to watch saved videos and play games, even in the absence of a Wi-Fi connection. It was enough to make my eyes sparkle as a child.

It was only a couple of years later that I landed myself an iPhone 3GS. That was when my love for Apple products truly peaked. I have upgraded regularly ever since. Currently, I own the latest iPhone 13 Pro. Apple doesn't just make great products, but it sells an entire experience determined to make our lives a tad bit easier. An excellent case in point is Apple Pay! I use Apple Pay in my everyday life. It beats carrying a physical wallet, has added security, and conveniently enough, every place in Australia accepts Apple Pay.

If I could meet Steve Jobs personally, I'd love to thank him personally from the depths of my heart for developing some of the best products ever that have certainly introduced a new level of convenience in my life! There are so many good memories I have with my Apple products as they have stuck by me through thick and thin. They were with me during every trip and the amazing camera led to some great, memorable photos I could always look back on.

I'm a seventeen-year-old hospitality worker in my 12th Year of school, and Apple has been a phenomenal experience for me. I happened to stumble upon GRID STUDIO through a YouTube Channel and I don't regret it one bit!

In conclusion, everyone should have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Apple experience at least one in their lifetime.